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ECMAScript Engineer JOE HONTON's professional portfolio of JavaScript projects, tools, talking points, and historical notes dating back to the golden age of footguns and ropelongs.

Above the Fold

Read Write Tools

Read Write Tools Premium Web server and utilities for dynamic modular JavaScript plugins, site search, analytics, and BLUEPHRASE content delivery.

Read Write Serve

Read Write Serve HTTP/2 Server with modular JavaScript plugins, plus all the goodies you know you want!


Doppelmarks Advanced BLUEPHRASE for content authoring, declarative templating, organizing, formatting, formalisms, and final results.

Read Write Hub

Read Write Hub Open source and premium BLUEPHRASE software from Read Write Tools for declarative templating, content authoring, websites and JavaScript HTTP/2 servers.

Blue Fiddle

BLUEFIDDLE Online sandbox for experimenting with BLUEPHRASE shorthand notation.


BLUEPHRASE A markup language without the limitations of Markdown — a complete lossless expression of HTML — for declarative templating and content authoring.

Open Source

GitHub repos joehonton / readwritetools

NPM packages joehonton / readwritetools

Tech Articles

Read Write Grok

Read Write Grok Follow along as Tangled Web Services boldly goes where tech has gone before.

2020 Stack

2020 Stack It's time to rethink the term full stack. The website was my take on the state of the art in 2009. But today it's a relic.

Javascript Fanboi

Javascript Fanboi I've finally made peace with the growing maturity of JavaScript. It's not a toy language anymore. Using distraction-free tools for better reading, writing and publishing, and loving it!

Regression testing

Bequiesce BEQUIESCE is a test harness for JavaScript libraries, with a bias towards proving that functions either fail correctly or succeed for the right reasons.


Object Oriented Programming with ECMAScript 2015
Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism using the ES-2015 keywords: class, extends, export, import, get, set, super, static.

i18n (Internationalization) Case Study
Everything you need to know about Unicode, language codes, script codes, content negotiation, right-to-left writing systems, bidi, vertical writing mode, and ruby characters.

Early JavaScript

Eximjs An ECMAScript transpiler for developers who need to use the ECMAScript 2017 import/export syntax before the V8 module loader has been finalized.


Joe Zone A collection of ECMAScript 2015 classes for writing node.js application software with no npm module dependencies. Just what I need, and nothing more.

Browser Interactive Functions A collection of JavaScript 3 modules, written before JQuery became popular, to solve most of the browser compatibility issues that existed in the 1990s. (Ready for retirement.)

Visualization of data

JavaScript Orthographic Earth

Orthographic Space JavaScript Orthographic Earth is an object-oriented library of packages, features, and visualizations for rendering global maps of the world where an entire hemisphere is visible. A JavaScript Voronoi diagram of radionuclide dispersal showing data collected by 原子力規制委員会, the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) of Japan, after the explosions and fires that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on March 12 through 16, 2011.

In the works

Clocks and Calendars

Clocks and Calendars Clocks and Calendars: Computational Solutions to Time Problems.

The other side of Joe

[v:language] A language for capturing the operational values of a host computer and for checking their validity against user-defined rules. No side effects, no surprises. Joe Honton helped to popularize the concept of full stack. See his take on it in this living archive. The Well-Versed Journal -- A humorous look at full stack.


There's only one Joe Honton

There's only one Joe Honton